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topaz is a next-gen discord mod for all your needs
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topaz is a new and upcoming mod which aims to be the "next-generation" by using new advanced tech to make previously difficult things possible. it aims to be minimal and easy to use whilst giving power-user control and new features only ever concepted. average user? enjoy a new mod experience. theme developer? relish seamless SCSS, amazing snippets, and more. plugin developer? use any mod API you want plus a fantastic built-in editor.

topaz brings new features to make a seamless, powerful mod

easy installs

install plugins and themes with just a link, no files or git or server needed


permissions provide you with control and transparency for what each plugin can do


works with plugins and themes with basically any mod you want


edit plugins and themes directly in your client, allowing easy and advanced customizing


easy to use snippets which fully supports advanced filetypes

works everywhere

fully works in desktop and web, with all the same features

over 100 plugins and 30 themes working from 10 mods

alpha 11 was released 2 days ago

topaz also eases creating plugins and themes for developers

all filetypes supported

SCSS, typescript, JSX are all built-in and supported with no extra steps

all APIs available

you can use any mod API you want in your plugins

more coming soon

video showcase

tech behind topaz

topaz has a custom CSS and JS bundler made from scratch to work in the client without using node.js or the filesystem. not using node/filesystem allows topaz to both work in the browser and be more secure as it can not do sensitive native actions. additionally, topaz uses it's own execution environment allowing permissions and sandboxing for more security and privacy. topaz is completely open source under MIT so you are free to view and modify the source as you want. interested? you can read more about topaz's internals here